THE FUDGE VLOG – Interesting Activities Special

My first vlog was criticised for not having enough family activities. So we forced ourselves to do some stuff.

Also I shoved an unboxing of some free shaving crap at the end. For a laugh.


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Written by Al

In an effort to instantly become one of those YouTube millionaires, the missus nagged me into documenting my incredibly mediocre adventures, with my 3 daughters running rampant, and the missus herself hiding behind the camera like some kind of Mrs Columbo.

We're only two vlogs in, but we've covered dog walking, gymnastic lessons, shopping, cookery AND an unboxing. Obviously, as time goes on and we get into the swing of things it'll all calm down into more of a format, but at the moment we're in the pilot stage, throwing everything to the wall to see what sticks.

Anyway, I'm trying to make it fun, and I've had no complaints so far.



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